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Our Energy Star Coating System Reflects up to 90% of the Suns Heat !! ENERGY STAR (DOE) qualified roof coating products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, and can reduce energy bills by up to 50%. The Cool Roof Program defines certain standards for solar reflectance, 3-year aged maintenance of reflectivity, and emmisivity in roof coating systems. Reflectivity is the percentage of the sun’s heat a roof keeps off a building, and emissivity is the percentage of heat a roof lets out of a building.

During warmer summer months, temperatures can reach 170° degrees F on a low-slope black asphalt roof, and they can drop to -20° degrees F during the winter in northern and higher elevated regions. Much of the heat generated by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation transfers to the building interior, and can have significant adverse effects on energy consumption.

Our Coats Can Be Used on Flat Roof or Wall Surfaces
Including Foam, Concrete, Asphalt, Metal, Modifed Bitomen and Single Ply Roofing
Do you want to extend the life of your existing roof?

A roof coating is a monolithic (seamless), fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. Roof coatings can be either spray applied or roller applied. Restoration coating systems have been around for many years. you are beginning to hear more about them now because they are a sustainable system or a “green system”. Considerable savings in regards to time, cost and the environment can be gained through the use of restoration coating systems versus removal and replacement of a roof.

We offer a warranty program of 5 or 10 years on all our coating systems!
Elastomeric Flat roof coatings are a good investment for many reasons.

A flat roof, coated with a light reflective Elastomeric coating can extend the life of a roof because it lowers the temperature of the roof surface. And will result in energy savings as the interior temperature is reduced as well.

Not every Contractor is created equal !
When you get ready to hire a contractor ask them about the Dry Mill Thickness of the coating. This is the amount of coating that is left on your roof after it dries. There are so many elastomeric coatings available today and there are a lot of poor quality ones that you REALLY need to watch out for.

Elastomeric Coatings can be filled with “low quality fillers”, even though the contractor may say they are installing 2, 3 or even 4 gallons of product per 100 square feet… How much is going to remain on the roof after it dries? Don’t forget to ask if they physically gauge their coatings behind their installers, or  what guarantee do they provide proving the amount of coating used. If they don’t gauge their coatings during installation will they provide you with slit samples after the project is completed?

So before you decide on a contractor ask about this important but overlooked layer of protection. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS – you might only get one shot at having your roof installed properly.

Consider the Benefits of Elastomeric Coatings:

50% less cost of Roof Replacement Includes Manufacturer’s Warranty
Repairs Roof Leaks Minimal Disruption
Long Term Solution Cost Efficient Maintenance

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